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I have been going to Everson Dental Clinic close to 30 years now and my experience there is always great. From the receptionist up front to the dental techs and the dentists, they all are always very welcoming, courteous and informative about every aspect of each visit that I have gone to. It's been that way since my very first visit. Dr. Barrett, and now Dr. Mike, is the best in the business. I can't imagine anyone being any better. I have enjoyed every time that I have gone. Not that anyone wants to go to the dentist but if you have to go you might as well know you are going to best, right? So if you have to go to the dentist make your next visit the best it can be and go to Everson Dental Clinic. Thanks you guys.
– Douglas G.

Dr. Ross is amazing!! We’ve been going for over 20 years. His front staff is wonderful along with the rest of the staff. We’ve brought all our kids there starting at the age of 1. There’s not one negative thing to say! Love Dr. Ross!! If you have Dental Anxieties, your only hope is Everson Dental!
- Tiffany V.

I have been a patient at Everson Dental for my entire life! My experiences have always been positive and I have always felt welcome and cared for at this office. My children are 3rd generation Everson Dental Clinic patients! Given my life’s positive experience under the care of Dr. Daniel Barrett, I was uncertain about what “going to the dentist” would be after he retired, something that I would ask about as he neared the end of his tenure. I suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2016 and given the event and the extensive recovery, I put off my regular dental appointment. When I finally DID call the office, I was told that Dr. Barrett had retired and that his son, Dr. Mike Barrett was now practicing.

I exhaled.

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I slid into the chair and, for the first time that I can remember, looked at the wall and thought, “I really don’t want to be here.”

The assistants and hygienists were kind and thoughtful and caring as always and they were genuinely concerned about how I was coming along in my recovery.

Then came Dr. Mike.

I smile when I think about it. Tear up even a little.

He asked first, about me, before he said a word about my teeth.

Professional and personable and KIND…Dr. Mike made me feel at home. So much so that I left making an appointment for the four crowns I had been contemplating for years! My crowns were finished in January and I couldn’t be happier with them! They are so natural looking that people know something’s different but they’re not exactly sure what it is…except that I am more confident in my smile.

I smile more!

What an amazing gift to be able to give a person…confidence in their smile.

So thank you Dr. Mike, for carrying over the constancy that I remember as a kid.

And to you and your team for giving me the smile I dreamed about for so long!
– Carissa K.

I have always had a lot of anxiety about getting dental work done, due to the fact that I have such a difficult time getting numb. Dr. Ross always goes above and beyond to make my experience the best it can be. For the first time, I tried the sedation dentistry for a pretty large appointment and cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have a truly stress free appointment. (Seriously) I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who has a hard time getting numb or anxiety about dental work in general. The kindness and professionalism I have experienced from Dr. Ross and the staff at Everson Dental Clinic is second to none. Thank you!!!
- J. Vander Muelen

The doctors and staff at Everson Dental have been amazing to work with. I have had some not so pleasant experiences in the past with other dentist offices but everyone at Everson Dental changed how I felt. I have never met a more caring or concerned dentist and staff.
– S. Larson

So grateful to Dr. Mike Barrett and the assistants at Everson Dental. Wendy's first big procedure (baby teeth extracted, one with HUGE roots) and they were so calm, and communicated so clearly! She just relaxed and let them take good care of her.
- Jen C.

I am so thankful I decided to see Dr. Ross and his team at Everson Dental Clinic. The entire staff was so personable. They showed utmost care for not only my teeth, but for my comfort and peace of mind as well. I’ve always been deathly afraid of the dentist due to negative experiences in the past and had neglected going for way too long! However, after having such a positive experience with Dr. Ross, I will be sure to go regularly for my check-ups. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience!
- Jamie V.

As always, the entire experience of my recent visit was EXCELLENT. I travel about an hour round-trip to go to Everson Dental. I've been going for 19 years, ever since a friend recommended it.

From administrative staff to medical personnel, everyone I've dealt with has been highly competent...and very friendly and accommodating. At the risk of making it tougher for myself to schedule an appointment with her, I'll give a special shoutout to Robyn, a truly superb dental hygienist.
– Steven K

I love this office! I have 4 kids 3 months to 11yrs. They are fabulous at taking care of all of us!
– Candis H.

Dear Dr. Ross,

The first time we came to see you, Alex (my 10 year old son) was a little nervous. His previous visit to the dentist had been scary--it lasted over an hour and involved a saw. His first visit to you was for an abscess. You had to examine him when he was in a lot of pain, but you were so gentle and careful that I saw the huge eyes and the tight, frightened face melt away within the first five minutes. He left the office that day and asked me to promise that you would be his dentist forever.

Now he trusts you completely. He never even asks what we're going in for. He knows that no matter what it is--check up, filling, even extraction--you will be SO gentle and careful that he has nothing to fear. He told me, "Look, Mom, when he gives you a shot, you can't even feel it. THAT'S a great dentist."

Thanks for being the best. We feel lucky to have you as our dentist!

Sincerely (and I DO mean sincerely!),

Julia M

Great people. Great professionalism and willing to work with you :) and they have tv to watch while your being worked on!
– Shawn D

There is little I fear more than going to the Dentist. That has changed today. Everson Dental Clinic was GREAT! I was told every step of the way what to expect, all the staff were friendly, I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you for making this so easy for me. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
- Casey A.

They are the best. They have always been respectful and always respect my wishes and never pushy and very kind. You guys rock.
– Lois G.

Wonderful family dental clinic for adults and young kids. Friendliest staff and dentists. I have never liked going to the dentist, but I actually enjoy coming here!
– Jennie G.

Very cheerful, attentive, personal service. I also enjoy the relaxing drive out to the county from Bellingham.
– Arunas O

Dr. Ross and staff have completely alleviated my fears of going to the dentist. I have never had such wonderful care in a doctor’s office before. From start to finish I felt comfortable and taken care of. There is nobody else I would want to work on my teeth and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you Dr. Ross and everyone at Everson Dental Care!!
- Tina M